• Core Group Polio Project

    Core Group Polio Project

    Protecting India through vaccination
  • Axshya India Project

    Axshya India Project

    Making India TB Free
  • Dettol-NDTV Banega Swachh India

    Dettol-NDTV Banega Swachh India

    Creating a better India.
  • Humanitarian Implementation Plan

    Humanitarian Implementation Plan

    Bringing hope to vulnerable families.
  • Projects in the South

    Projects in the South

    Better opportunities for families in Tamil Nadu
  • Emergency Response

    Emergency Response

    Bringing hope in the crises
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“I received Rs.6800/- and bought grocery and household consumption items for my shop, and still I could save Rs.1000/- from that. I usually save Rs.500/- after the monthly expenses but this time It was more thanks to the support I received from ADRA…” Rubusi said when we talked to her about the help she received.  She has one daughter who is 10 years old and lost her husband 3 years back in 2012. He felt sick suddenly one day and died after it was found that he had dysentery.

Moni Kisu who is 45 years old is living with her family in Koraibari village and she and her  husband do manual labour to feed their family.  Water has been an issue in Koraibari for a long time and earlier people used to collect water from river coming down from Bhutan however the water has been polluted with all industrial waste thrown into the river

Kajan, with 17 years, is a spastic child from Puzhal SLR camp in Tamil Nadu, living with his parents Ms. Jothi Lakshmi and Mr. Kumar. His father works as daily wager. Kajan has a younger sister and a brother.  Since he was a young child Kajan did not respond well and only when he was two years old his parents diagnosed him as a Mental Retardation- Cerebral Palsy Child and he was prescribed for physiotherapy.

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