“I received Rs.6800/- and bought grocery and household consumption items for my shop, and still I could save Rs.1000/- from that. I usually save Rs.500/- after the monthly expenses but this time It was more thanks to the support I received from ADRA…” Rubusi said when we talked to her about the help she received.  She has one daughter who is 10 years old and lost her husband 3 years back in 2012. He felt sick suddenly one day and died after it was found that he had dysentery.


They had opened one small shop in the local market just at the entrance to the village. Now after her husband’s death, she still kept running the small shop and earning for her family. Her daughter is 10 years old now and goes to the nearby school. Rubusi got married when her husband was in the Serfanguri Relief Camp in 2003.

Just like the other families Rubusi with her daughter had taken shelter in the Guwabari LP and ME School on 24th of December 2014. They stayed in the Relief camp for 3 months and she used to open the shop for some time whenever she gets the chance during her stay in the Relief Camp, as it was not very far from the village but the income was very less.

After her coming back she continued opening the shop though she also had to give time to the household work each day and for the rearing of the livestock she had. She said there were expenses to run the shop, so she had to collect the items from the Patgaon market every week making the situation more complicated as there were items like rice, which needs extra cost for transportation.

She said that the shop had become her only income source apart from the livestock, which is not regular. The amount received from ADRA has helped her to invest some money in the trade and save few more money for their future but her dream remains still as she wants to highly educate her daughter and make her self-reliable in future.

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