Moni Kisu who is 45 years old is living with her family in Koraibari village and she and her  husband do manual labour to feed their family.  Water has been an issue in Koraibari for a long time and earlier people used to collect water from river coming down from Bhutan however the water has been polluted with all industrial waste thrown into the river

The situation became worse as there are about 127 families in the village and there is one borewell which was the only source of drinking water. Moni mentions that it used to take her 2 and half to 3 hours every day to fetch water, she would go once in the morning or in the afternoon. Unlike many people they don’t even owe a cycle hence it becomes really difficult for them to fetch water from the well. 

With the objective to bring an improvement and help this community ADRA constructed MACH 3 hand pump in Korai Bari. Moni feels this has reduced the loads of fetching water and now It takes hardly 5 mins for her to fetch drinking water, making her life easier and giving her the chance to improve her life conditions.


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