India through ADRA Germany, with the support from European Commission Humanitarian and Civil Protection has been working in the conflict affected states of Assam, Manipur and Tripura to ensure protection of the most vulnerable groups, especially women and children through various interventions such as: Livelihood assistance for them to meet food gaps and restore livelihood, WASH intervention, creating access to safe-drinking water, sanitation facilities, and creating awareness on the importance of hygiene for health.

Through this project 946 families have been supported with livelihood assistance through Unconditional Cash Transfer (UCT), Conditional Cash Transfer (CCT) and Cash For Work (CFW) activities and also supported 1997 individuals to have access to safe drinking water and 80 community toilets have been provided for 1616 people.

The psychosocial support need is covered and provided through basic counseling, group therapy activities and also referring special and affected cases to trained psychiatrists. An important component of this project is the establishment community based protection mechanism for community resilience through women’s groups. This is an important intervention, which has been success among some of the groups. Women are capacitated not only for self-sustenance but also they are motivated to support other vulnerable women.


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