Kalyaan Project was started by ADRA India in 2013 at Aya Na­gar, Delhi. The main objective of this project is to provide free edu­cational support to under privileged children. To cope with city financial require­ments, parents are force to go out for work to increase their family in­come, thus they can not follow up on their children’s education.

Lack of educational skills do not al­low parents to be good educational tutors to their children thus result­ing in poor performance at school, many times in school failure, and fi­nally school drop out. With ADRA India free tutorial class their chil­dren can improve and have better education opportunities.

Kalyaan Project provides this edu­cational tutoring and support that is lacking on these children to en­sure that they perform well in school and complete their basic education. This enables them to have more opportunities in the fu­ture and will promote a better life.

Tutorial class is provided from Monday to Friday from 3 to 5 p.m. with the help of 3 dedicated teach­ers, also highlighting other support activities, which help the students to learn different skills, and they will be more prepared for the future.

 Currently, the project limits its edu­cational services up to 35 students. This allows a close assistance to children to catch up with the edu­cational requirements of their level in school. The children enjoy learn­ing, and having extra curricular ac­tivities. This short period of time is helping them to grow eventually as student as well as a person in life so they can have better opportunities.