The Musahar Youth Empowerment Project (MYEP) was a six-month project that started in the month of August 2015 and was implemented in five villages (Agiaon, Kharicha, Narayanpur, Sahyogi Tola and Baruna Musahar Tola) of Bhojpur District, Bihar. The MYE Project focused on empowering the Musahar people in Bihar to increase their income by adopting any of the livelihood options provided to them, increased awareness on TB and health related issues with nutritional support to TB affected beneficiaries, increased awareness on WASH (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene) practices and advocacy with government and stakeholders for access to schemes and entitlement.

 The MYE Project directly benefited 92 Musahar beneficiaries in the field of livelihood options, nutrition, and support to TB patients, as well as kitchen gardening. WASH awareness activities included: Home visits, community meetings, Nukkad Natak and wall writing in the same villages. Also Musahar People were linked to the schemes and entitlement by advocacy meeting involving the government, stakeholders at block as well as District level. TB patient counseling was done to aware about the TB treatment and proper care of TB disease.

The MYE Project has brought a very positive impact in the communities but the challenges still remain. Sensitization on livelihood, awareness on TB disease and WASH are in need.

Bringing better opportunities to those who are in need is the way ADRA India transforms lives one step at a time.


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