REAFT PROJECT ( Rapid Emergency Assistance to the Flood Affected Most Vulnerable Community In Tamil Nadu

This project was initiated after the flood experienced in Tamil Nadu in December 2015 in: Cuddalore, Tiruvallur, Kancheepuram and Chennai. As a result of the floods more than 100 people lost their lives and not only that but also there was infrastructure loss and agriculture loss making the situation difficult to overcome. 

After Following with this ECHO come forward to do a rapid emergency assistant to improve their food, shelter and wash need of the flood affected community in the Cuddalore and Kancheepuram district. By providing cash assistance and nonfood items their immediate needs are food and shelter was addressed. Along with awareness programs and advocacy programs done to improve their WASH practices and enabling to get their rights in Government schemes .

This project is allowing families to rebuild their shelters, and lives the major activities are:

•    Unconditional cash assistance for 100 most vulnerable persons.
•    Providing the Non Food items (Tarpaulin, Ground sheet, Bucket, Sanitary napkin) to 550 worst affected families due to the flood.
•    Providing Conditional cash transfer for 250 families to rebuild/repair their huts which affected by flood
•    Providing WASH awareness to improve their WASH practices.

LESS PROJECT (Local Economic and Social Strengthening Project)

 This project was initiated as a response of the situation in Sri Lanka,  that forced many people to come to Tamil Nadu as a refugees. 

With the objective of contributing towards creating durable social and economic solutions for the Sri Lankan Refugees, this project is bringing changes through the following activities:

• Establishing and functioning two drop in center and toll free help line.
• Awareness creation for government schemes and Sri Lanka.
• Sensitize government authorities on the non camp issues and make them understand their needs.
• We reach out to non camp refugees and bring them together by organizing meeting and prepare them to represent their issues and advocate to state government.

ADRA India in collaboration with ADRA Sri Lanka, the project team is planning  to do a  rapid assessment of social, economical and political situations in Sri Lanka and may come out with a digital ready reckoner, which will carry updated information about Sri Lanka.
This project is bringing impact among the Sri Lanka Refugees. Unlike camp, non camp refugees are spread all across the state, so it was necessary   to organize them and bring them together. After the intervention of ADRA India , they were brought together. this helped them to know each other and discuss about their issues, and needs, and work jointly with ADRA India and advocate with state government for their cause.

Also ADRA India is providing  help to the non camp refugees  with respect of   Government Entitlement, Documentation and Exit Procedures, so they can decide the best way to settle their lives.


TFRP PROJECT (Tamil Nadu Flood Response Project)

This project came as a response also of the floods that affected Tamil Nadu in at the end of the year 2015.

The main objective of this project is the construction of 300 houses (permanent shelters) at the identified villages and blocks in Cuddalore, Tamil Nadu to facilitate the after-disaster rehabilitation.

The beneficiaries are the most affected and vulnerable people in the communities, supporting them so they can recover their lives.



Lebara Project was created with the objective Creating a sustainable environment and enabling the quality of life of the displaced children in Sri Lankan refugee camps of Thiruvallur and Thiruvannamalai district and vulnerable children who live in the slums of Chennai Corporation of Tamil Nadu.

The main focus of this project is the complete development of the vulnerable children.

The major needs identified among these families are:
• Nutrition supplement for children.
• Educational assistance for children.
• Health referrals supports for needy people.

ADRA India strongly believe that as the children are the future, it is important to give them all the support to develop the best life possible, in the best conditions with stability and security.


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